Breaking-Up With Perfectionism


Do you doubt your worthiness? Do you ever feel like you're not enough? Does perfectionism get in the way of your self-confidence?

Let's turn self-doubt into self-confidence, the inner critic to the inner cheerleader, so you can finally feel good enough!



Breaking-Up With Perfectionism

Do you doubt your worthiness? Do you ever feel like you're not good enough?

It's time to realize that you are enough. You are worthy. It's time to own it!


There you are, standing in front of a glass wall. On the other side, you see your future self.


She is happy.
She is strong.
She is confident.

She has befriended her imperfections. She is no longer the prisoner of the perfectionism that used to weigh her down. She is no longer embarrassed about her flaws or shortcomings. She no longer goes the extra mile to hide them. She is no longer afraid of making mistakes. She is no longer her worst enemy. She made a promise to herself, to not let the pursuit of perfectionism keep her behind.

How do I know? Because I used to be there, standing behind the glass wall. And one day, I broke it down.


You see, perfectionism is sneaky.


At first, it introduces itself with fancy promises. Perfectionism says, “if you do everything perfectly, you will have the life you always wanted, you will feel worthy and enough. But first, get it all done, perfectly, all on your own.”

Perfectionism hides behind your dreams to make you follow all of its rules and protocol. It uses what you value and what you fear to keep you under its spell. Perfectionism will use values like family, connection, safety, and fears like rejection, failure, and disappointment against you. It promises you happiness, a feeling of worthiness, and a sense of belonging. But it is all a lie. Perfectionism never delivers on its promises. What instead comes next when you feel lost in your perfectionism is anxiety, burnout, exhaustion, and overwhelm. Ultimately, a loss of sense of self.

You have abandoned yourself. You no longer know who you are because you stopped listening to your inner voice. You don’t know what makes you happy and what you want out of life because you haven’t set your boundaries or asserted your needs. Perfectionism created a disconnection because you haven’t shown your authentic self to those around you.

When perfectionism says, “it’s not enough, you are not doing enough,” you doubt yourself. You no longer think you are a good enough mother, good enough wife, or good enough friend.

Are you ready to begin your journey of becoming a recovering perfectionist and a good-enoughist?


Perfectionism is something you can change. It is something you can work on and find your way to come out on the other side. Because you are worth it with all the imperfections.  Because you are lovable with all the imperfections. Because you belong here with all the imperfections. Because you matter with all the imperfections.

You can’t choose your imperfections, but you can learn to embrace them.



Let's begin...

I am Dr. Menije, and there is one thing I know for sure, you want to...

  • feel confident in yourself and your decisions
  • be your best friend
  • know that you are enough and worthy
  • let go of worrisome thoughts
  • break free from self-judgment and self-criticism
  • show yourself the compassion, empathy, and kindness you show to others so freely and generously.

Breaking-Up With Perfectionism is a self-study digital course packed with three hours of skills and psychoeducation that will help you unpack the way perfectionism has hijacked your life and guide you through starting a new chapter.

When you sign up for the Perfectionism course, you'll receive access to:

  • Three learning modules that will give you the foundation you need to start your journey to overcome Perfectionism.
  • 23 educational and Inspirational videos designed to guide you through identifying and managing perfectionist traits and thinking styles.
  • Supplemental PDFs and handouts to help you apply the content to your journey!
  • BONUS: 35-page workbook walking you through a must-have 6-steps to overcoming Perfectionism.
  • Lifetime access to the full course!


perfectionism course

Here Is What You'll Learn..


✓  What Is Perfectionism?

✓  Where and how does perfectionism show up in my life?

✓  What is my why? Why am I going to break-up with perfectionism?

 ✓  What tools can I learn and use to feel worthy and enough?

✓  How does perfectionism shape the way I think?

 ✓  How can I practice positive self-talk and talk to myself in a loving and compassionate way?

✓  How can I change my inner-dialogue?

✓ How can I identify and change my automatic thoughts, intermediate beliefs, and negative core beliefs that lead to Perfectionism?

✓ How can I create a new vision that embraces a whole new me?

✓  How can I incorporate journaling, gratitude, and mindfulness practice to overcoming perfectionism?

This course will introduce you to the basics of perfectionism and identify your perfectionism’s origins and progression because you can’t change what you don’t understand.

Course Modules

This course is for you if...


You want to learn more about Perfectionism.

You feel overwhelmed and stuck in your perfectionism and looking for practical tools and education to help you overcome it. 

You are tired of being your worst enemy and want to have a more loving relationship with yourself. 

You are frustrated by the disconnection in your relationship and want to have healthier bonds with other people. 

You learn best through interactive video lessons and worksheets.

You are already in therapy and would like to take this course as a supplement.

You want to grow as a person and improve your mental and emotional wellbeing.

This course is not for you if...


You don’t struggle with Perfectionism.

You don’t have the interest to learn about tools to help you overcome perfectionism.

You are currently struggling with mental health issues that require immediate mental health and/or medical services. 

You do not do well with self-study courses, you tend to get distracted and won’t complete the worksheets. 

You may watch the videos but won’t be disciplined to practice the tools consistently in your everyday life.





At the end of this journey, you'll know how to..






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